Dealing With A Post Covid World

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Businesses were seriously affected at the start of the pandemic with many making changes to the way they dealt with their staff. While many were downsizing, others were shutting down departments and outsourcing those services to professional companies within that industry. Additionally, companies were finding it challenging to meet deadlines and their targets because everyone was unsure about the changes that were taking place around the world. People were losing their jobs and were not purchasing as much now as they were in the past.

As a business development firm, we worked with a lot of our clients to assist them with their requirements and get through the process. However, if we had to predict the upcoming changes, we cannot be sure of them. Everything is changing a lot faster than it used to. Covid 19 for instance, forever changed the world we live in. We will continue to enforce all current safety measures and adapt for future safety measures. We will also continue to support all of our employees when it comes to this subject. Whatever makes them feel safe, we support them.

From the time that the pandemic started, there were many changes we had to get used to. Covid disrupted many companies and businesses as well with many of them forced to shut. However, due to safety measures put in place along with great leadership, Covid - 19 has not disrupted our business nor does it appear it will. We have adapted to the world we live in and Covid showed that our business is not only “recession-proof” but we now know it is “pandemic proof”.

The pandemic brought many changes that we had to adapt to and did not find challenging. For one, we had to make changes to the communication processes we followed. We recently moved our hiring process to include a zoom meeting. Before asking candidates to report to our office for an in-person interview, we conducted Zoom screenings. We make sure the candidate knows about our business and culture before asking them to physically report to the office. Zoom has also opened a lot of doors. We are now able to connect with multiple cities at once and have expanded our capabilities. Our communication has gotten stronger during these times.

For the most part, we were working from the office, but there were aspects of our work that we would handle remotely. We wanted to make sure we met everyone who we would be welcomed into the fold in person before they started. 

We currently do not provide any remote positions, primarily due to the nature of the work we do. One of our strongest assets is our people and the culture created by them. We believe that nothing can replace bringing people together and our best work is always done in teams.

Working out of an office can be difficult, considering we are amidst a pandemic, so we make sure that we do all we can to keep everyone safe. We make sure that we professionally sanitize the office regularly. In addition, we support whatever makes our reps feel comfortable. All of our employees will tell you that they not only feel safe but supported to take whatever measures make them feel comfortable. There are measures like social distancing and wearing masks that they have to follow.

We no longer follow the same strict hours we would in the past. We are open during work hours, but we noticed that we were able to accomplish more in a shorter period. In a few cases, it reduced the hours of some and allowed others to accomplish more in a given day, which is primarily because people are reachable at all hours of the day.

When it comes to online processes, we use secure platforms to store our information. Currently, one of the popular platforms we use is the Proprietary CRM. Unfortunately, most of what we do is in person. We should meet the following three stipulations at all meetings, and those are

1) contactless meeting

2) socially distant and

3) wearing masks when meeting with others.

However, for the people who are not open to meeting us in person, we have included some aspects of remote and virtual coordination in our hiring process. The most popular platform that we use is Zoom, but there were instances where we used others. We would like to take part in virtual public events and business expos in the future.

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